Safest us Cities

The number of crimes of the United States is lower than it was in 2013. According to information released by the FBI, numbers show that it dropped on a 5%. When it comes to violent crimes, the numbers full on a 15% within the last ten years. On an upcoming study, the FBI will establish the exact numbers for thesafest us cities.

John Roman, a senior at the Urban Institute, explained that a reduction of 5% is a huge drop in crime. In fact, he is right. If Americans saw a reduction of this number in other areas such as unemployment, it will be national news. He is claiming for this information to be a bigger news for the country and its development.  

The study shows that the nation is increasing safety and its response has been huge. In fact, a whole lot of cities stood out for their astounding low crime rate numbers. In fact, America’s safest cities have less than 100 violent crimes in every 100,000 people.  

In fact, things are so good that cities as Illinois, Naperville, and Texas didn’t report any murders during 2013. So, good news for America and its dream of a crime-free nation.